Okemo Mountain School (OMS) is a winter sports academy that offers a unique and challenging academic and athletic program in competitive alpine ski racing, freestyle skiing, and snowboarding.  Students are selected for admission to OMS based on various criteria.  These include, but are not limited to, academic performance, athletic performance, recommendations, and extra-curricular activities. In addition, the ability to balance a demanding physical training program with a rigorous academic schedule and the desire to become a better competitor are necessary qualities for each student to possess.

DSC_1599Students spend their mornings focused on athletics, training in their respective on-snow disciplines on Okemo Mountain.  Academic classes are conducted in the afternoon in six 40 min periods with another 80 minutes dedicated to dryland conditioning, cardiovascular workouts, strength training, yoga, and special programming in sports psychology, nutrition, injury prevention, and more.



We offer several options for enrollment:
1. Full Winter Term: From October 31-March 31. We encourage everyone to consider the full Winter Term as it provides the best opportunities both academically and athletically.  The Winter Term coincides with most schools’ second and third academic quarters, which helps with academic transitions.  The length of the Winter Term provides ample time for pre-season preparation athletically and also allows our students more time to work with their OMS teachers before the stress of competition season.  Additionally, it allows for time at the end of the season to “wrap up” both academically and athletically.

2. Target Term A: From November 28 – March 10, Target Term A is designed with U16 athletes in mind as it allows some early season training and extends until just after the U16 State Championships.

3. Target Term B: From January 3– March 31, Target Term B is designed with the U14 and U12 athletes’ competition schedule in mind, as well as with snowboard and freestyle athletes who may wish to start when the parks and pipe are fully operational on the mountain.

4.  Target Term C: From January 3 – March 3

5. Semester 1: From October 31-January 20

6. Semester 2: From January 23-March 31

Tuition rates can be found under Tuition and Financial Aid in the admissions section of the website.

If you need more information on any of the programs that we offer, please do not hesitate to be in touch.




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