Alpine Racing

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The Okemo Mountain School Alpine program is a winter term tutorial, designed to help any alpine athlete achieve his or her athletic goals. With a close athlete to coach ratio, OMS supports U12 USSA racers up to FIS level skiers. Through the use of progressive developmentally based training, OMS skiers build their skiing with a foundation in fundamentals and a philosophy that concentrates on teaching all aspects of great ski racing: technique, tactics, physical conditioning, the mental game of training and racing, equipment tuning, and time management. Coupled with a cooperative academy to mountain relationship with Okemo that is second to none, OMS provides one of the best opportunities that could be offered for a racer to be successful.


The alpine program provides year round support for their strength and conditioning program. It is important for athletes to maintain good strength and endurance year round, in order to prevent injury, and facilitate peak performance during the competition season. The alpine program also has three testing sessions during the summer/fall to identify weaknesses in athletes and give them strategies to improve before the ski season. OMS also hosts a number of summer on-snow camps to keep athletes constantly improving their technique and tactics and keep them skiing fast.