Currently Okemo Mountain School Offers 2 Major Disciplines; Alpine Ski Racing and Freestyle Snowboarding. Each offers a comprehensive athletic and academic curriculum and lifestyle that will remain with the student/athlete for years to come.




As a premier snowboard program and a key player on the regional, national and global stage, it is of no surprise that The OMS Snowboard program is one of passion, untiring work ethic, and excellence.
Our program is an all-encompassing training regimen to create well-rounded riders on varied terrain. Whether it’s participating in all day-switch riding clinics or breaking down a McTwist during a trampoline session, our goal is to help
riders achieve a strong foundation on which to build up from and branch off of. Our methods include cross-training across several disciplines within snowboarding to better adapt to changing competition styles and features.
For example, running a GS course to refine tactics for pipe riding. Or undergo specific pipe riding drills to better negotiate a Boarder cross course. It is this philosophy that has taken OMS riders from local competitions all the way through the Olympics.
With camaraderie, utmost sportsmanship, and having fun in the safest of environments, OMS coaches and athletes strive to attain the highest levels competitive snowboarding… One ollie, jib, and spin at a time.


The Alpine program at OMS exposes its athletes to local, regional, national, and international competition. We have been successful at every level, producing the top athletes in each age division. Currently, we hold the overall VT State Champion titles at the U14, U16 and the U18 levels. We have also won 9 individual VT state titles. During the past five years, an OMS athlete has been one of two eastern regional athletes representing the United States at the Whistler International Children’s Competition. During the 2011/2012 our OMS athletes were J1/2 state champions. The Alpine program’s 1:5 coach to athlete ratio coupled with a strong relationship with Okemo Mountain Resort ensures that our athletes have access to the best training possible.


We do not currently offer a program in freeride skiing but have in the past and are looking to reinstate one soon.


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