Joey Okesson mid crippler 7

A typical day for an OMS snowboarder starts with a 7:30 am strength and conditioning routine, where we incorporate core, balance, muscular, and cardio workouts to ensure maximum strength, stability, and stamina on the hill. Freeriding, park riding, pipe riding, and a variety of training regimens formulated to generate personal success on a snowboard follow the early morning workout. Our time on the mountain is designed to first promote a solid riding foundation for our riders and second to promote maximum skill progression every day we train. We also use video on a daily basis to visually comprehend the positive and negative aspects of each student’s riding. At noon, athletes head back to OMS for lunch, which is followed by a strong academic curriculum taught by our highly qualified staff here at OMS. This demanding schedule has produced some of the best riders in the world including Hannah Teter, Kevin Pearce, and Shayne Pospisil to name a few. More importantly, it has prepared young adults for the rigors of college. Students leave OMS with the ability to handle an arduous college curriculum and the time management skills necessary for balancing all aspects of their lives.

To be an OMS snowboarder, is to be a part of a rich tradition in snowboarding. A strong work ethic, commitment to training, and an insane drive and passion for our sport are the key qualities for which we stand. We ask that all of our athletes take the initiative to put forth their best each and every day while training here at Okemo Mountain School and know that in doing so the rewards they reap will be great.