Snowboard Life

Outside of everyday training, OMS snowboard athletes will be fully immersed in many different aspects of snowboarding to help develop knowledge, appreciation, and passion for the sport.

The Mountain: Okemo Mountain Resort is one of the top mountains in the northeast and is known for its snowmaking, hospitality, and unique terrain. As an OMS snowboarder, athletes are fortunate to train daily on some of the best terrain parks in the Northeast and have access to the most consistently cut-to-perfection 18’ foot Superpipe. The Mountain and its terrain park staff are always more than willing to work with athletes and coaches on park infrastructure and events which is an added bonus while here at the school. The Mountain is also in the process of constructing and adding a ton of new features to the terrain parks which should make enhance the parks greatly this season.

Athlete Rollout Plan: This is the comprehensive training and competition regimen built by the coach and athlete that will outline the season while at OMS. The Rollout plan will encompass strength and conditioning routines, equipment, a journal, and the year’s competition schedule. The season plan is constructed to improve upon the weak points while strengthening assets, and to help better prepare the OMS rider for competitions throughout the season.

Video: We use video on a daily basis as a learning tool to help our athletes analyze their movements and to better achieve their goals. Video and photo documentation will be edited into the OMS Team video and stored into each athlete’s video library. New to 2013/2014, our coaching staff would like an athlete (or more) to do a couple of edits for the Team.

Tuning and Board Maintenance: It is critical that every athlete understands the importance of equipment maintenance and board tuning techniques. Waxing clinics for new athletes are held in addition to a weekly waxing session to ensure that the integrity of the equipment is properly maintained and that the equipment is appropriately tuned for the week’s snow conditions. Waxing the afternoon before the event is standard.

Bio Development: We work with the athlete to build a comprehensive bio and resume that can be used for sponsorship opportunities if we believe the athlete is ready. The resume will consist of a personal bio, contest results, and video/photo documentation.

OMS Shred Journal: OMS snowboarders will be required to electronically submit a weekly journal entry to the Head Coach. The journal can consist of anything pertaining to the individual’s snowboarding experience and will provide the coach and athlete with a record of the athlete’s year in snowboarding.

OMS Shredspot: The OMS snowboard team blog filled with a ton of information on the team and includes videos, journals, photos, contest results, and more.

Contests: We strongly encourage all OMS snowboarders to compete while here at school. There are many opportunities to compete including the USASA Southern Vermont Series. This is a sanctioned event series where athletes from surrounding mountains compete in GS/SL, slopestyle, pipe, and BX in hope of making USASA Nationals in Copper, CO. When an athlete matures competitively and becomes more advanced, competing in USSA Rev Tours and Grand Prix’s are also a possibility. The school will provide transportation to all events for OMS snowboarders.

*Every OMS snowboarder must be a member of both USSA and USASA. Please visit and to register.

OMS Snowboard Camps: Twice a winter, OMS Snowboarding hosts two camps in which we invite athletes who are interested in extra training or in attending the School to join us for a week of workouts and on-snow training. The campers also bring their academics and will have a supervised study hall in the pm hours allowing them to stay current with their studies. This is an excellent opportunity for any athletes interested in attending OMS, to experience the life at a Ski/Snowboard academy.

Weekend Training (OMST): Participating in the weekend/holiday program and the Okemo Mountain Snowboard Team is strongly encouraged. The OMST weekend program consists of a similar training regimen as OMS but is solely held on-snow. OMS coaches direct this program and will be training the OMS athletes on the weekends and at events. Please visit: for more info.

OMS Snowboard Alumni: The following athletes have attended OMS and have gone on to a professional snowboarding career.

Hannah Teter
Shayne Pospisil
Kevin Pearce
Laura Hadar
Adam Petraska
Niko Cioffi
Elijah Teter
Danny Kass
Lane Knaack
Lucas Magoon