Snowboard Training


Dryland Training: We strongly believe that a good strength and conditioning program helps enhance snowboarding performance, but it’s especially important because it also enhances structural strength to support the body in the event of those inevitable crashes and falls. Being physically strong will help prevent injuries and make an athlete’s season that much longer, and enjoyable. We implement a wide array of dryland training activities including:
• Hiking/Trail Running (Cardio)
• Soccer

• Skateboarding
• Biking (Cardio)
• Plyometric and Isometric exercises (strength training)
• Balance training
• Rock Climbing (Core and upper body strength)
• Trampoline sessions (air awareness)
IMG_6106On-Snow Training: Our on-snow training schedule consists of riding 3 hours every day during which time we work on improving the athlete’s fundamental riding ability, as well as focusing on natural terrain riding, terrain park riding, and the halfpipe. Athletes will learn edging, stance, and proper posture, as these are the fundamental skills that are the essential foundation of riding. We expect that when a snowboard athlete leaves OMS, he/she will be versatile and can rip ALL types of terrain.
Athletes will also train for the upcoming weekend’s event(s). For example, if an athlete has a slopestyle event on Saturday, his/her week will generally consist of perfecting park riding and runs for the event.