Early Dismissal for Tuesday, Jan 3 at 3:45 pm

We are all so very excited to be back at OMS after the winter break!  Unfortunately, the weather has decided to be difficult.  The forecast for today has been tricky and rapidly changing over the last 24 hours.  While I was so hopeful we would be able to get through the day without interrupting our schedule, the forecast for late afternoon leaves too much concern over travel safety.  Many of our faculty and staff members, as well as several of our families, travel 45 minutes or more to OMS.
Therefore, we will have an early dismissal today.  Student-athletes will attend regularly scheduled classes and dryland until 3:40 pm (through 5th period) and should be picked up at 3:45 pm from OMS.  This will allow everyone to travel home during daylight hours and before the worst of the sleet and freezing rain.

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