Uli Donohue

National University of Ireland, Galway: BS Mathematical Sciences and MS Astronomy

University of Southampton, UK: PhD Physical Oceanography

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland: Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute: Postdoctoral Research

Uli has been working as a science and math teacher at OMS since moving to Vermont in 2009. Originally born in Germany, Uli’s passion for traveling and learning brought her to attend colleges and work in Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, England, and the US over the years. She lives in Ludlow with her daughter, Clara, and partner, Matt.

Other than teaching at OMS, Uli loves managing the two properties she inherited from her first husband, John, and loves spending time with her goofy daughter. Uli enjoys cooking, getting outdoors, traveling, and yoga. She is currently pursuing an interest in learning about and teaching mindfulness and associated techniques for training a healthy and happy mind.


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