Okemo Mountain School is an independent school approved by the Vermont State Board of Education and is dedicated to delivering a rigorous academic curriculum of college preparatory academics.

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The strength of our winter term program lies in our low student-to-teacher ratio and our individualized academic plans for each student.  Every class has 1 teacher and only 2 students, providing for lots of personalized attention. This close teacher-student interaction creates an excellent environment for academic growth.

Our Deans of Academics work closely with the sending school’s guidance department to coordinate the requirements that must be met by the end of our school year. Additionally, both OMS teachers and students keep in close contact with sending school teachers to ensure that they cover the same class material and accomplish all course objectives.

The opportunities for personal growth at OMS are endless. There is a tremendous amount of motivation, dedication, and passion for skiing and snowboarding that is required by an individual to even take part in such a program. Once here, the students at OMS are immersed in an atmosphere encouraging respect for self, peers, and community as well as perseverance and responsibility.








This program is very demanding and is not meant for everyone — it requires a strong commitment to success by each of our student-athletes. Our student-athletes assume the responsibility to meet the demanding athletic and academic requirements and are expected to uphold their commitment to academics and athletics while at OMS.






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